The Traditional Concept of Corporate Wellness

The term “corporate wellness” is often defined as programs and initiatives within a company designed to promote employees’ mental and physical health. The industry, seemingly lucrative and brimming with opportunities, is vast and diverse.

While the core focus remains the employee’s wellbeing, standard benefits like resource access, meal plans, and gym memberships might boost morale. However, they don’t guarantee improved health and wellbeing outcomes.

Benefits and Their Impact on Employee Wellbeing

Benefits often serve as a supplement or even an alternative to salary, allowing companies to save money while offering programs that ostensibly benefit the entire staff. But, while employee happiness is paramount, well-being often stretches beyond mere happiness.

It prompts organizations to introspect and ask vital questions: Is our turnover rate high? If so, why? Are our employees utilizing the benefits we offer? How does the overall health of our staff look?

Deciphering the Evaluation of Corporate Wellness Services

Evaluations within the wellness sector tend to get pigeonholed into generic categories. Even when two firms provide completely different offerings, they can be seen as competitors since companies have limited bandwidth to incorporate wellness programs. This makes the corporate health service market fiercely competitive. So, what sets one service apart from the rest?

Yes, blood pressure readings and on-site workout centers have value. And group yoga sessions can enhance employee morale. However, our market research indicates that isolated services don’t necessarily motivate long-term behavioral change. This is somewhat analogous to wearable fitness trackers, which, while providing a nudge towards healthier habits, cannot always influence user behavior sustainably.

Understanding Employee Needs and Preferences

Are employees happier working remotely or in the office? Are the offered benefits being utilized? How frequently are health check-ups happening? Every organization would benefit from answers to these questions. But who is providing these insights, and how can they be accessed?

Introducing HyperSpeed Health Technologies

Previously known as HyperSpeed Performance, our core focus has always been corporate wellness. We aim to elevate workplace health and safety, reduce health costs, and offer preventative measures against potential burnout. When our system was initially introduced, market feedback allowed us to hone our offerings, ensuring they resonate with company needs.

Our approach emphasizes comprehensive health tests, sidestepping the sole reliance on wearables or physical fitness training. We aim to present a comprehensive, actionable, and simple framework that offers meaningful insights into employee wellbeing.


Health Risk Assessment:

Our 19-question assessment delves into the impact of work on employees’ lives, their perceptions about the company’s investment in their health, workload manageability, and their usage of company benefits. This can be augmented with additional questions, tailoring the assessment to a company’s unique needs.

Body Composition Analysis:

We glean comprehensive insights into each employee’s health using the InBody device. This covers everything from hydration levels and limb injury history to visceral fat levels, which can hint at potential diseases.

Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Health:

A crucial metric, blood pressure readings, and resting heart rate give insights into cardiovascular health. For instance, a consistently high reading might indicate a heightened risk of heart disease or strokes.

As we collate this data, our system offers commendations on health positives and flags potential health risks, providing actionable recommendations based on comprehensive data analysis.

The HyperSpeed Edge

Our assessments, encompassing all aspects of health and the workplace’s impact, remain anonymous. By merging data analytics with health services, we present an all-inclusive health profile for every employee. To foster employee well-being genuinely, companies need to capture a 360-degree view of each employee’s physical, mental, and emotional state.

Our mission at HyperSpeed is to revolutionize corporate wellness, positioning it not just as an added benefit but as an indispensable service. We aim to elevate staff members’ health and performance and provide organizations with invaluable data to guide their decision-making processes which will lead to more efficient spending and resource allocation.

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