Our mission is to improve public health by monitoring performance that supports healthy behavior in the workplace and improves the overall health of the individual.

corporate health + wellness programs for teams

Health Risk Assessment

Our in depth health risk assessment analyzes the impact work has on your organizations team members mental and physical wellbeing. Identify your health risk

Body Composition Analysis

We’ve partnered with InBody to analyze the body composition of organizations team members and learn how to best improve your employees health and production Learn more

Biometric Monitoring

We’ve partnered with Biostrap to help organizations increase employee health with clinically reliable remote monitoring systems. Learn more

health management program

We’ve partnered with ABEL to keep your employees accountable to following a physical fitness program to manage your weight and improves  Learn more

the corporate health program simplified

Locate Risk

Analyze Behavior

Identify Problems

Implement Solutions

Free organizational health report

We offer a free organizational health report that includes a population risk assessment, feedback from team members and managers, key insights about the overall health and wellbeing of the organization and its team members. This enables us to give you and your team actionable insights to reduce risk of health issues in the future.

Free health risk assessment

Free population risk assessment: This will help identify any potential health risks within the organization and provide recommendations for prevention and management.

team feedback on how to improve culture

We gather, interpret, and communicate feedback from team members and managers: By collecting feedback from both team members and managers, we can get a holistic view of the culture and identify any areas that need improvement.

insights into the health of organization

We provide insights and data on the overall health and wellbeing of the organization and its team, including trends and patterns in department and region (if you’re a national

early Detection of common diseases

We detect early onset of cancer, diabetes, burnout and other health issues: By identifying early warning signs of potential health problems, we can help prevent and manage these issues before they become more serious and save money on health care costs and absenteeism.

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