Body Composition Analysis

The InBody Device

45-Second Tests

Quickly measure fat mass, muscle mass, and body water. Auto-calibrated, user-friendly, and non-invasive, testing is fast and easy—just stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes.

Unbiased Data

No empirical estimations based on age, sex, ethnicity, or body type. Instead, Direct Segmental Multi-Frequency BIA technology measures body segments separately for an accurate analysis based on your unique body.

Advanced Outputs

Get essential outputs for evaluating overall health and wellness. Draw more insights from additional metrics like Visceral Fat Level and Segmental Fat Analysis, track progress, validate programs, and deliver actionable advice backed by trustworthy data.

InBody Composition Metrics

Segmental Lean Analysis

Get an in depth analysis of an individuals fat free mass. Evaluate if your team members have sufficient level of fat free mass in each segment of the body and spot any imbalances between the limbs.

Visceral Fat and Segmental Fat Analysis

Where your body fat is located is just as impotant as how much you have. Focus on important areas like visceral fat, the type of fat that surrounds your vital organs, and help your team members reduce those levels to de-risk and increase longevity.

ECW/TBW Analysis

Understand how body water impacts an individuals body by identifying swelling and other types of water retention in the body.

Body Composition History

Track changes in weight, skeletal muscle mass, and body fat percentage over time. Spot trends and make timely adjustments to keep your team members headed in the right direction.

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