Written: December 7th, 2020

It seems like it was yesterday, December 31st, 2019 we were heading into the third decade of the 21st century, with so much optimism and hope. Everyone claimed to have a 2020 vision, for many of my millennials peers, this decade would be our rise to prominence. Fast forward to December 2020, and with a little less than a month remaining in this turbulent disaster of a year, we do have the holidays to look forward to! With Thanksgiving in the rear view and both Christmas and New Years’ to look forward to, it’s not a secret that this year the holidays will look far different than any other period of our lifetimes. Regardless of the circumstances, that holiday spirit is an opportunity to reignite the hope and optimism we once possessed when the year kicked off. 

Some would say it’s hard to have optimism when our country is in shambles. Whether it’s millions of Americans still out of work, the homelessness rates that are skyrocketing, and appear to be receiving minimal press but hard to ignore depending on where you are located. Or the election that has left many fatigued with the landscape of politics as a whole. I don’t think I need to mention the C-word, Where is our society even going? Well, it is difficult to address the collective, and that question is not left for me or the reader to answer. As a young man that does not have a family, and powerless to what the government mandates, or the narrative the media projects to me on the television screen, what I am in control of, is my effort to becoming the best version of myself on a day to day and my attitude while doing it. Truth be told, we still possess the power to control the direction of our lives no matter how uncertain the future may be.

Personal Development

Understanding everyone has their own trials tribulations is important however, we fail to realize that regardless of our individual circumstances there is a universal human condition that we collectively share together, regardless if you have been directly impacted by the pandemic, the economic and social implications have affected every person on this planet one way or another. While many may perceive these days as the end of times, I believe they are the beginning of a new age, a time that is not to be neglected but embraced. Every day is a new day, however, as society resets itself why not rewrite history? That can easily be perceived as the implementation of a revolutionary app or a product of some sort, but on a micro-scale, rewriting history is how we as individuals will choose to reinvent ourselves to adapt to the times. Strong physical fitness and a clear state of mind not only correspond with one another they are the bedrock of total wellness and human performance. To be in good health is a key factor in disease prevention, self-confidence, and longevity all of which can be attained in the confinement of one’s home.

Why this is important is because the pandemic curfews and shutdowns that have occurred have been granted as a free timeout from the rat race. While the results have been less than favorable the newfound times could be a blessing if seized correctly. Over the course of the last seven months, I have used my time to write in a journal almost every day. Covering how I got to this point, reflecting on my life, my decisions, and my future. I also removed myself from all social media for an extended period of time forcing myself to reconnect with nature, and make new daily habits like going for walks. I changed my diet almost entirely and was able to shed an extra 10 lbs.  I also found myself enamored with learning the inner workings of politics and the development of policies. From attending city council meetings to doing canvassing work, finding any opportunity I can to have a community impact and further understand the struggles of the American people. Many of these activities are open for anyone who seeks them, and I figured now is the time to turn the corner. 

I now find myself tucking my shirt when I go to the grocery store. To say a full 360 has taken place in my world is an understatement but the true result of this is my attitude. The appreciation and gratitude I have for my neighbor and my desire to spread this positivity with people I come across have served me well. I am not pleading with anyone to exercise daily, attend city council meetings, and go vegan, but I am trying to influence positive thought. If we all take a little time to work on ourselves and understand the world around us, the problems of the world won’t be solved but the world will be in a better place than it was yesterday as we all have a role to play. Our positivity can spread just as quickly as any virus, and when we the people work together to solve our problems perhaps that is the root of reclaiming our power.

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