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Embark on a thrilling health and fitness adventure with our cutting-edge health and performance dashboard, designed to monitor your health, analyze your health data, and quantify your overall well-being.

Coach Wilson’s HyperSpeed online training keeps you accountable, tracks progress, and offers regular feedback to improve every step of  your health optimization journey.

Experience a tailor-made dashboard showcasing:

  • Your personal body composition
  • Your personal wearable device bio-data
  • Our proprietary, exclusive sub-scores that measure + display different aspects of your health.

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Get Started With Coach Wilson’s 21 Day Fitness Challenge

Embark on an invigorating fitness journey with Coach Wilson’s 21-Day Physical Fitness Challenge. This complimentary, high-intensity workout program is designed for versatility, allowing you to execute it anywhere and under any conditions.

Featuring six bodyweight exercises in an up-tempo sequence, it requires minimal rest between sets to keep your heart rate elevated.

Access this transformative workout program through the Abel app, and upon completing all 21 days, receive a personalized 30-day program as a reward.

Our mission is to inspire as many individuals as possible to exercise daily, motivating their communities to join them in committing to a healthier lifestyle. Share your progress, influence others, and ignite a passion for fitness within your community.

My Blog

Metrics in Health and Performance: A Deep Dive

Metrics in Health and Performance: A Deep Dive

In the era of digital health, we are inundated with various health metrics from age and weight to sleep time and oxygen saturation. But what do these metrics mean, and how do they interact to paint a comprehensive picture of our health? More importantly, how can we...

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About Me

Who is Coach Wilson

My name is Antone Wilson, a leader committed to empowering individuals and teams to achieve peak health and performance through innovative technology.

My career spans diverse fields, including public education, politics, private sector wellness, college football, and tech, all united by my passion for problem-solving, health, and team management.

My vision led me to found HyperSpeed Health Solutions. At the heart of our system is a unique scoring framework that enables users to compete against themselves, track their progress, and achieve measurable results, regardless of their starting point.

As a trusted advisor to pro athletes, military personnel, and entrepreneurs, I have honed HyperSpeed’s approach to making it even more accessible and effective for a broader audience.

My ultimate mission is to empower individuals and teams from all walks of life to transform their health and performance in an engaging and personalized way, harnessing the power of technology to unlock their full potential.