Hyperspeed Health Screening

At HyperSpeed Health Technologies, we are deeply committed to enhancing the health of our community.

We offer comprehensive health screenings designed specifically for public servants, seniors, companies/corporations, and local community members.

what we provide

Health Risk Assessment

  • Athletic Background & Medical History
  • Activity Levels
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Sleep Quality

Body Composition Analysis

  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Visceral Fat Levels
  • Basal Metabolic Rate

Blood Pressure & Pulse Rate

  • Comprehensive Blood Pressure Tests
  • Pulse Rate Measurements
  • Insight Into Heart Health
  • Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk

Our Mission

Is to collect research on the needs of underserved communities to gain a deeper understanding of their specific requirements, prevalent health conditions, and emerging trends.

We aim to empower individuals by equipping them with a clear understanding of health conditions by providing guidance and establishing a framework for their healthcare professionals to deliver optimal care.

what participants receive

Health Analysis Dashboard

Each participant will receive a full health analysis and breakdown for everyone in your organization for free.

This will give any participant the capacity to understand their health and how their habits are impacting them and their health overall.

Insights & Recommendations

We’ll provide insights and suggestions to everyone that participates in the health screening process to give them actionable items to improve their overall health and wellbeing. 

Health Performance Rating

Our Health Performance Rating is the overall indicator of health and performance. We use this as an easy source of truth for quickly determining the current state of health.

We create this score by combining all of our data in an intricate way using algorithms to weight each metric we gather and produce the performance score.

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Digital Health Solutions

At the heart of our community are three core values that guide our every action: Community, Privacy, and Trust

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Data-Driven Solutions

Our system generates actionable insights and personalized reports by unifying InBody data with your client’s wearable devices. Harness this integration to provide precise health solutions, bolstering your customer’s experience and setting a new standard in your health services.

Digital Health System

Our digital health system connects seamlessly with your InBody device, pairing customers’ wearable devices with our platform. This creates a customized profile, offering access to comprehensive trends and key insights. It facilitates progress tracking, behavioral analysis, and remote monitoring of sleep and activity, incorporating monthly InBody weights. The ultimate goal is to convert health data into practical strategies, improving quality of life.

User Experience

Adaptive Health Profiling

We provide easy-to-understand, data-driven reports and recommendations, creating a unique health performance profile for each individual. With our advanced scoring system, we detect hidden correlations and continuously evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing care.

Personalized Health Dashboard

Our API connects wearable health data with InBody stats to deliver a unique, personalized health dashboard. The dashboard can cater to diverse health goals, from building muscles to losing weight. Discover context on lifestyle, medical history, exercise intensity, sleep patterns, and more.


Data Management

Effectively manage and secure your InBody data with our robust digital system. Enjoy seamless data handling that assures both quality and privacy.

Health Analytics

Our sophisticated health analytics transform your InBody raw data into actionable insights through complex algorithms and machine learning.


Outcome Validation

Measure and validate health outcomes with our platform. Refine your methods and drive continuous improvement in Customer Care.

Concierge Benefits

Elevate Your Health Services with InBody Integration Owning an InBody device and linking its data to our platform not only elevates your services but also simplifies health data interpretation.

Our system is a vital tool that connects health professionals with customer data seamlessly. It positions your facility as trusted and verified, marked with a green check in our service ecosystem

  • Seamless API Integration: Your InBody device data effortlessly integrates into our secure cloud-based system.

  • Community Connections: We foster networking and partnerships with health-related businesses in your vicinity.

  • Marketing Support: Enhance the promotion of your InBody services within your region.

  • White Label Health System: By merging InBody and wearable tech data, provide your clients with unique health reports and progress tracking.

  • We can create a dedicated app, establish an online portal, develop custom data sets, and design individualized dashboards for organizations, groups, and teams.

Digital Health Solutions

At the heart of our community are three core values that guide our every action: Community, Privacy, and Trust

Copyright © 2023 Divi. All Rights Reserved.