In a world where healthcare is often reactive, waiting for diseases to strike before we take action, a shift towards proactive health management is urgently needed. Enter the realm of health screenings – a powerful tool used to identify potential health issues before they develop into significant problems.

At Hyperspeed Health Technologies, we recognize the immense value of these health screenings, and we’re excited to extend our unique offerings to the Boston area. With a robust history of successful implementations and positive impacts in a variety of settings, we bring to you a comprehensive health and well-being system that is designed to revolutionize personal health management.

Our health screening service represents more than just a preventative measure; it’s a proactive and holistic approach to managing health. By empowering individuals to identify and address potential health issues early, we can prevent these from evolving into significant problems. Furthermore, our screenings offer an integrated view of health, encompassing more than just body composition metrics or blood pressure readings. We explore lifestyle patterns, habits, athletic background, sleep patterns, perceived work-life balance, and much more, providing a comprehensive overview of an individual’s health and wellness.

From an employer’s standpoint, our health screening system is invaluable. It aids in establishing whether remote work has a better impact on employees’ performance and morale or if a physical work environment is safer and more health-centric based on the employees’ conditions and their responses to the environment. By evaluating specific health metrics or trends pertaining to work productivity, mental well-being, stress and anxiety levels, and work-life balance, we can help create healthier, more productive workplaces. Additionally, as we continue to grow, we aim to offer a health workforce certification, scoring employers based on the health of their workforce.

At Hyperspeed Health Technologies, our pricing model is designed to ensure our services are accessible and affordable. For an individual screening, we charge a nominal fee of $30. Alternatively, for organizations or events, we offer a flat rate of $500 for two hours, during which we conduct as many screenings as possible. For a more extended screening event, we provide a four-hour package at $2,000. As part of our commitment to promoting healthier communities, we offer our services at gyms, shared workspaces, employee groups, and health events.

Our advanced health screening system is built on a foundation of state-of-the-art technology and scientific research. By leveraging data from a simple, 5-minute risk assessment test that considers an individual’s medical conditions, athletic background, occupation, mental health state, and lifestyle, an InBody medical-grade scale that generates comprehensive health data, and API integrations with seven health wearable brands, we generate personalized reports based on collected data. These reports provide actionable insights into one’s health and well-being.

From our early beginnings in Las Vegas, where we conducted screenings for the 40+ population at various senior centers and YMCAs, to our current operations in Boston, we have been able to deliver immense value through our health screenings. Our metrics can predict the likelihood of injury or illness, and we offer ongoing reporting and tracking by integrating wearable devices into our health system, further enhancing the value of our service.

In essence, Hyperspeed Health Technologies provides health screenings that offer invaluable insights into health, empowering individuals, employers, and health professionals to better understand and improve health outcomes. Health screenings are not just a preventative measure but a powerful tool for unlocking optimal health and well-being.

The road to revolutionizing personalized health care has been exciting, challenging, and rewarding. The journey has been worth every struggle, from the dreamy spark of an idea to a tangible reality. As we stand at this promising new chapter in Boston, we carry the lessons learned, the experiences gained, and an unwavering commitment to public health. With your support, we can continue making strides, one step at a time, toward a healthier, brighter future for all.

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