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Your Personalized Health Evaluation

Our complimentary Health Risk Assessment gives us insights into your personal profile, encompassing goals, lifestyle, medical history, activity levels, and available resources. We don’t just interpret your data; we craft it into a clear roadmap to realize your aspirations.

Integrate Your Wearable for Real-time Analysis

Link up and level up! Compare your daily metrics with standards tailored to your age and gender. With our Hyperspeed Performance Rating, not only do you get a quantitative measure of your health, but your score evolves as it maps your progression towards your set goals.

Tailored Recommendations, Powered by Advanced AI

We appreciate your individuality. With insights about your profession, lifestyle, and ambitions, our cutting-edge machine learning system contextualizes and crafts data-driven recommendations.

These not only mitigate health risks but also elevate your performance and productivity. Get proactive, actionable advice tailored just for you.

Device Integrations

The Ultimate Digital Workout Experience

Jumpstart your transformative fitness journey with Coach Wilson’s Physical Fitness Program, available exclusively on the Abel app. Follow a meticulously crafted personalized workout regime tailored to fit your individual needs.

To support your journey, the Abel app provides illustrative video tutorials, step-by-step progressions, and comprehensive records of your fitness evolution, all structured to ensure you remain committed.


Meet the founder

Who is Coach Wilson

My name is Antone Wilson, a leader committed to empowering individuals and teams to achieve peak health and performance through innovative technology.

My career spans diverse fields, including public education, politics, private sector wellness, college football, and tech, all united by my passion for problem-solving, health, and team management.

My vision led me to found HyperSpeed Health Solutions. At the heart of our system is a unique scoring framework that enables users to compete against themselves, track their progress, and achieve measurable results, regardless of their starting point.

As a trusted advisor to pro athletes, military personnel, and entrepreneurs, I have honed HyperSpeed’s approach to making it even more accessible and effective for a broader audience.

My ultimate mission is to empower individuals and teams from all walks of life to transform their health and performance in an engaging and personalized way, harnessing the power of technology to unlock their full potential.

Digital Health Solutions

At the heart of our community are three core values that guide our every action: Community, Privacy, and Trust

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